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Outsourcing Besties by Jobresponse - Founder’s actionable guide to software outsourcing | Product Hunt

Founder’s guide to outsourcing software development

Software outsourcing is a popular form of getting tech needs done. There are many positive outcomes, effectively helping founders and tech execs do more with less. But software outsourcing is tricky and, If not done right, can entail a long and brutal process.

It is always a question of how to approach product development, where to start, what follows what, and finally, how to find a service company you can trust to execute the project. This guide in the form of notes, templates, and checklists is all that you need to educate yourself, get familiar with the process, and get good at your software outsourcing journey.

In one place and tailored for:

- MVP development   

- Software outsourcing

- Outstaffing (or dedicated teams)

While the guide is focused on someone starting the founder journey, it may also benefit those who are overwhelmed by talent competition or heavy tech operating expenses or recognizes the product quality as the problem. The guide is food for thought for roles like CTOs, Product Managers, and Heads of Engineering, to name a few.

After learning the guide, you should be able to hire a professional software development team to successfully execute your project. This guide concerns all-around software outsourcing to a professional team, not a freelancer or contractor.