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What is Jobresponse

Jobresponse is a safe and trusted way to outsource software design and development

Software outsourcing is a great way to get the software job done, but it is always accompanied by the fractured and time-consuming process of vetting and matching software vendors, miscommunications, and unprofessional software project management. Jobresponse is the way to ensure your outsourced project hits its goals.

Our experience includes years in software agencies, and we’ve helped couple dozen of startups build their MVPs and software products. As a client, you want to ensure your outsourced project is successful. That’s why we’re building Jobresponse.

Early on, we provide you with our high-level feedback and equip you with knowledge and tools to approach the estimate phase. We craft a Scope of Work that is enough to get high-level requirements and work closely with our partners on building the estimates.

We then carefully match your project with vendors that fit best. It’s included holistic reviews of a vendor, processes, technologies, past experience, customer reviews, and availability of resources. All our partners are professional software development teams with successful track records.

Once your project is on track, you can rely on us as your support team. If you happen to see something is not as planned, we are here to help get you back on track.

Our thesis

Knowledge Economy

We’re approaching Knowledge Economy, followed next to Gig and Talent economies. The Knowledge Economy enables the provision of better services and products to customers with greater complexity. Marketplaces are moving to onboard standardized and attributed human capital with greater complexity of service.

Remote work is exploding

Remote work is becoming popular as ever before. More companies are moving their operations to the cloud, and the flexibility of remote work gives an unfair advantage, but what is more important is that it gives the opportunity to reach global talent. There are myriads of offshore teams that are just great for your project.

But it’s too frictionful to outsource

While outsourcing is a great tool for founders and tech execs, it is also too frictionful and requires skills and knowledge. Moreover, most outsourcing projects end up not as successful as planned. Many companies starting the assessment process need to allocate a full-time person to do just that. Jumping over the intro calls with vendors, then processing the information into something the team can digest. At the end of the day, sales calls are always pleasant, and the production may look different once started. It is virtually the same as playing a black box — you never know what the work will look like until you start.

We’re making the outsourcing effortless

We hand-pick A-class vendors, so you only have to come to one place instead of dozens. We then use our knowledge and proprietary standards to make the best match with a project, creating an experience that’s closer to your personal concierge service rather than a third-party biased opinion.

End-to-end customer success

Our mission is to empower both the customer and the vendor to be successful at what they are building together. We carefully listen to customers and vendors to find the opportunity to improve the project and help each party be successful at their jobs. Hi-end customer support is in our DNA.

We’re rethinking software outsourcing.

We believe it should be easy to connect with the World’s best software teams who are the right fit for your software projects or job roles.

Say goodbye to the fractured and time-consuming process of vetting and matching software vendors, miscommunications, and unprofessional software project management.

We’re in beta and working with selected companies only. Please reach out if you need a software product, MVP, or looking for a dedicated software team or fill out open roles.

Send us a note at: oleg@jobresponse.co